For many, Valentine’s Day is linked to romance, cards, and chocolates. Yet much of the Valentine’s Day messaging and media targets straight, cisgender couples. LGBTQ+ youth too often feel invisible and excluded. LGBTQ+ youth deserve a Valentine’s Day that is fully inclusive!  

Include LGBTQ+ identities in Valentine’s Day celebrations by:

  • Using inclusive language such as “sweetheart,” “date,” “crush,” “partner,” “significant other,” instead of girlfriend or boyfriend. 
  • Choosing inclusive imagery. Use cards and pictures that depict LGBTQ+ couples, not just couples with a man and a woman. Also include images of LGBTQ+ couples of color. 
  • Learning about some of the stigmas and stereotypes around the assumed hypersexuality of bisexual individuals, as well as the misunderstanding of asexual individuals. 
  • Encouraging young people to make cards and gifts for their friends and family. Not everyone feels sexual or romantic feelings towards others.