LGBTQ+ Education & School Programs: Training, School Kits, Resources

Responding to The Needs of LGBTQ+ Youth

No other organization in Maine focuses exclusively on listening and responding to the needs of LGBTQ+ youth. At OUT Maine, we support rural adolescents throughout this crucial period in their identity formation, mental wellness and overall development and help Maine’s queer youth avoid harmful behaviors and instead build connections, skills, and hope for the future. Toward this effort, we focus on strengthening schools by providing youth programs and education for those adults who play supportive roles in LGBTQ+ teens’ lives.

Programs for Queer and Trans Youth in Maine

Be part of OUT Maine LGBTQ+ School Programs, and help build welcoming, affirming communities. Find LGBTQ+ -inclusive activities, lesson guides, and training in vocab and pronoun use, gender and sexuality, and custom training and consultation. You’ll also find behavioral and physical health care provider programs, and programs for educators, clergy, and other professionals who, through their affirmation and support, can change queer youth, trans youth, young people’s lives. We even have resources for starting your community’s own Gay Straight Trans Alliance. Students, educators, and community members will benefit from these opportunities live, in-person and online. Join our expanding circle of education, support, and connection. Request Training and Consultation from OUT Maine today!


School LGBTQ+ Program

School Support Circle

Meets on Zoom, FREE to attend!

Gay Straight Trans Alliance Support Group


How to start a GSTA, online support group, resources, and more!

LGBTQ+ Education in Schools

Live Training for Schools

In-person and online options.

Policies & Procedures

  • Review and recommend changes to school board policies to meet best practices and Maine law.

  • Review student guides and procedures to provide best practice guidance for supporting LGBTQ+ youth in schools.

  • Read and download the free guides below.

Student Education

Training for Youth: LGBTQ+ Vocab!

This 30-35 minute lesson is designed for youth and defines the most common identities under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. It also covers what it means to be an ally and shares local support resources.

Training for Youth: Gender & Sexuality

This 55-60 minute lesson is designed for youth and defines broad concepts as well as specific identities around gender and sexuality.  It discusses the importance of pronouns, how to combat gender stereotypes, what it means to be an ally, and how to find local support resources.

Training for Youth: LGBTQ+ History

In order to understand where we are as a society, it is important to know where we came from.  This lesson will cover highlights of LGBTQ+ history in the US from the mid-1800s to modern day.

Training for Youth: Custom Training

OUT Maine is happy to design a custom training tailored to your classroom, club or youth program’s needs and interests. Please reach out to us at to discuss!


Free downloadable guides, lesson ideas, and book lists, plus free and discounted materials for your school and/or GSTA!

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Activity Guides

Activities for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Developed by OUT Maine.

GSTA Guides

Guides for both Middle and High School Gay Straight Trans Alliances.

Building Inclusive Schools K-12: A Guide for Administrators and Educators

Download our guide and make your school more inclusive!


Suggested reading by grade-level with a focus on LGBTQ+ inclusive books.

Lesson Ideas

Lesson ideas by school subject.

Download Program Fliers

Download fliers for current OUT Maine youth and family programs!

Download Poster Designs

Download one of our poster designs! Some posters are also available in our School Kits.

School Kits

Free and discounted materials! Includes posters and current program fliers.


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