Schools with GSTAs for 3+ years have a 50% reduction in bullying and harassment for ALL students. (British Columbia study, 2015)

We help build and support GSTAs to provide students with safe spaces and improve school climate. We also provide resources, activities, and tools that will enhance student learning. Click the button below to request help setting up a GSTA in your school

GSTA Calendar

GSTA Advisors Circle

Third Monday of the Month

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
On Zoom

The GSTA Advisor Consultation Group is for all GSTA Advisors in the state. Meeting time is the last Monday of every month. This group is a drop-in space for GSTA advisors to come together and share their experiences as advisors, gather resources, ask questions and network.

Free Guides!

Best practices for LGBTQ+ inclusive youth programming

Developed for youth organizations, outlines best practices that can be applied to any organization. REQUEST FREE GUIDE.

Making your workplace more LGBTQ+ friendly

Helps you create a more LGBTQ+ friendly workplace and outlines general best practices for policies and procedures. REQUEST FREE GUIDE.

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Activity Guides

Activities for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Developed by OUT Maine. REQUEST FREE ACTIVITY GUIDES.

GSTA Guidebook

Start a GSTA (Gay Straight Trans Alliance) in your school! REQUEST FREE GUIDE.

If you have a question for OUT Maine staff, please contact us directly here

Dear Chuck is a column that allows parents, GSTA advisors, community members, and more to submit questions that will be reviewed and answered by young adults who are a part of the Queeries/Queer Futures group with OUT Maine staff support. If you have a question please submit it to or use the form below!