Is your GSTA looking for an engaging activity? Consider using this Superheros activity.

Could a student-created superhero become the mascot for your GSTA? 

As an extension or activation to this activity, discuss queer representation in superhero characters like the character of Nia Nal, codename Dreamer, played by Maine’s own transgender actress, advocate, and author: Nicole Maines. 

Send your results to us to be posted on the GSTA Network Facebook Community! 

Materials: large white paper, makers.


  1. Divide students into groups of 3 or 4 and distribute a sheet of paper to each group.
  2. Ask each group to invent and draw an original superhero. Students must also come up with two superpowers and one weakness for their superhero, as well as an alter ego/backstory.
  3. Give the groups 15-20 minutes to create their superhero.
  4. After all the groups have finished, have each group present their superhero.


  •  How did you collectively decide on the superhero’s qualities/powers/weakness/gender/identity?
  • How could this superhero help you? Your local community? The world as a whole?
  • What are our real-life “superpowers?” What about our weaknesses?
  • Do we ever conceal our true selves? How come?
  • Who are the superheroes in your own life?