LGBTQ+ teens and young adults have an original podcast series about their experiences called LGBTea Time — you can listen anytime! The OUT Maine group Queer Futures produces the original podcast program, which airs monthly on the first Thursday at 5 PM EST on WERU 89.9 FM. The podcasts are available on WERU’s podcast page anytime, as well as OUT Maine’s YouTube channel.

These talented young adults have produced five podcasts to date; each podcast addresses a different topic. The first episode, Pre-Coming Out Stories, is a discussion of life before coming out. The second — Coming Out Stories — includes poems and stories about the hosts’ varied experiences of coming out. Episodes three and four dive into the topics of gender and pronouns. Episode five explores the challenges of transgender youth in schools, hospitals, and social situations.

These stories are all first-hand accounts to educate and provide support and representation for other LGBTQ+ youth in Maine. Won’t you join us for some tea and conversation?