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Register for a youth program:

University of Southern Maine LGBTQ+ Archive Visit (ages 10-22 yrs)

Finding Guides: A Poetry Workshop with Robert Carr (ages 13-22)

Fruit Loops (ages 9-13 yrs)

Queeries/Queer Futures (ages 14-22 yrs)

Binder Program (ages 14-22 yrs)

Does it cost money to participate in a youth program?

Online programs are free. However, some activities may require purchasing craft materials, a book, etc. Whenever possible, materials are provided free or with a scholarship option. Click on a program you are interested in to learn more.

There is a fee to participate in weekend retreats, BUT, anyone can receive a scholarship to cover 25% to 100% of the fee. CLICK HERE to learn more.

At OUT Maine, we seek to change the very systems that serve diverse queer youth in all of their intersectional identities by creating more welcoming and affirming communities.

Our programming and training aims to empower youth in Maine’s isolated and under-resourced regions to be their most authentic selves; support their network of family and allies; and educate health care providers, educators, clergy and other professionals to better understand the needs of queer youth and provide affirmative support. OUT Maine’s work gives everyone a role in building resilience and life skills necessary to lift up queer youth in our state.

OUT Maine. Building welcoming and affirming communities urgently needed for Maine’s LGBTQ+ youth.