Scholarships for Youth Program Fees

OUT Maine does not want cost to be a barrier to participating in our programming. For this reason, we ask families to take advantage of our scholarships for program fees.

Do I qualify for a scholarship?

If cost is a barrier to your child participating, you qualify!

Unless noted, we DO NOT have scholarships for non-family/youth programs such as Professional Development and fundraising events.

How do I get a scholarship?

When you register for an OUT Maine program, make sure to request the scholarship option in the Payment Schedule section. The scholarship will be applied IMMEDIATELY.

How much will the scholarship cover?

You may request a scholarship for 25% to 100% of the cost.

Pay it forward!

We also encourage any family that wishes to contribute to our Scholarship Fund to do so through the Pay It Forward option when they register their child for an event. All proceeds received through purchases of Pay It Forward “items” will go directly towards scholarships for other Maine youth.