Language reflects culture.  What are some customs and laws surrounding LGBTQ+ identities in places that speak the language you teach? What is it like to be LGBTQ? What are possible gender-neutral pronouns?

Explore LGBTQ+ laws and customs

What is it like to be LGBTQ+ in a country in which the predominant language is the language you are teaching?  Are there laws that criminalize or protect LGBTQ+ people? Are LGBTQ+ individuals able to be “out” in relative safety?

Gender-neutral pronouns

How would someone refer to a  gender-neutral person in the language you teach? How do any non-binary students in your class want to be referred to? If there are no gender-neutral pronouns, are there movements to add pronouns to that language?

Challenge gender stereotypes

When learning a new language, many textbooks and lessons start at the basics of “boy” and “girl.” What do your textbooks assume about boys and girls? Are there any outdated stereotypes in your language books?