Building Welcoming and Inclusive Programs for LGBTQ+ Youth

Viles Arboretum 153 Hospital Rd, Augusta, ME

This intensive training is designed for anyone who works with youth. Participants will gain an understanding of LGBTQ+ terminology and issues, risk and protective factors, and current laws and rights. We will discuss best practices regarding pronoun usage, inclusive forms, and how to build welcoming, safe, and inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ youth. Register Download the […]


Best Practices for Working with LGBTQ+ Youth & Families For Mental Health Providers & Other Direct Support Professionals

Viles Arboretum 153 Hospital Rd, Augusta, ME

This day-long training is for mental health providers, case managers, residential workers, school nurses, social workers, and any professional providing direct support for youth. This training is broken into four sections – an introduction of terminology, risk and protective factors, laws and rights, and an overview of best practices, followed by extensive sections focusing on […]