September 20th-22nd 2024

Hancock County, ME

A studio art weekend for LGBTQIA2S+ and allied rising high school juniors and seniors*

$75 with scholarship option up to 100%

*Will be a junior or senior in the 2024-2025 school year.

Registration opens on April 22nd, 2024

Parents/Caretakers with CampSite accounts, register your children here:

Parents/Caretakers who need to set up a CampSite account, register your children here:


Parents / Teachers/ Adults

Q: Can a parent chaperone their child? A: This event is meant for youth to attend on their own. However, if there are accommodations your child needs to attend, please see the next Q.

Q: Can you accommodate special-needs students? A: Please call or email us to discuss the youth’s needs. Email  or call 800-530-6997.

Q: Can a teacher chaperone their student(s)? A: No. We do not have enough housing for teachers at this event.

Q: If I volunteer, can I take an art class? A: Maybe. The volunteer job for this weekend is Cabin Counselor. A Cabin Counselor’s primary job is to support and supervise the youth participants. There will be some studio time, but it may be interrupted. 

Q: Is there a bus leaving from my child’s school or picking them up? A: There are buses, but not at the schools. Buses will pick up youth at specific locations. Be prepared to arrange transportation to and from a pick-up location or to the event itself. Also, you must indicate on your child’s registration that they need transportation to guarantee a seat on the bus.

Youth Participants

Q: Can I stay in the same cabin as my best friend? A: Maybe. Please indicate your friend request on your registration form. Both friends must request. We will do the best we can to accommodate, but can’t promise.

Q: Are cabins assigned by gender? A: Yes.  You may choose to stay in a male, female, or gender-neutral cabin. If you do not indicate a preference, we will assign you to a gender-neutral cabin.

Q: Can I drive myself to the event? A: Yes. You must leave your keys with the office staff during the weekend.

Q: I’m 18, does that mean I can leave the campus during the weekend? A: No. We have a full schedule for the weekend, which would not allow enough time to leave campus. If you are not interested in participating in the workshops, you should not attend the weekend.

Q: Will I have a quiet place to go if things get to be too much? A: Yes! We have quiet spaces available during the weekend as well as helpful adults you can speak to if you are feeling stressed.



digital fabrication / Fab Lab (New this year)

Please see our COVID-19 page for OUT Maine’s current policy.