COVID-19 Policy for In-Person Programs

This policy applies to both participants and volunteers and may be subject to change based on current information and transmission rates.

In addition to OUT Maine’s COVID-19 policy, participants and volunteers must also follow any COVID-19 policies of the event venue.


Fully vaccinated* against COVID-19

  • Overnight events (Rainbow Ball Weekend, Haystack Weekend, Fall Retreat, Regional Overnights, etc.)
  • Volunteering at the OUT Maine office.

*Fully vaccinated is defined on the CDC website here. Click on the vaccine name that you received, or plan to receive, to learn how many shots you need to be fully vaccinated.



  • Participants are asked to take an at-home COVID-19 rapid test no earlier than the night before an overnight event or an event where transportation is provided.



  • Anytime you are indoors with the exception of certain activities such as meals, sleeping, and bathroom time.


Medical Exemptions

  • If you are not able to mask and/or receive a vaccination for health reasons and wish to participate in an event that requires vaccination and masking, please email