The following services are available to Maine schools. Request any of these services by filling out our request form. You may also contact us by phone or email: , 800-530-6997.

Staff Training

  • Provide focused, in-depth training on policies and procedures, risk and protective factors of LGBTQ+ youth, and making classrooms and schools more welcoming and affirming for all students.

  • Provide resources, activities, and tools that will improve and enhance school curricula for all grade levels.

  • Train teachers and staff at elementary, middle, and high schools.

Training can be modified to fit short teacher in-service times or full-day workshop time slots.

Policies and Procedures

  • Review and recommend changes to school board policies to meet best practices and Maine law.

  • Review student guides and procedures to provide best practice guidance for supporting LGBTQ+ youth in schools.

  • Read and download the free guides below.

Making your school more LGBTQ+ friendly can help you create a more LGBTQ+ friendly school and outlines general best practices for policies and procedures.

Best practices for LGBTQ+ inclusive youth programming, developed for youth organizations, outlines best practices that can be applied to any organization.

Student Education

  • Provide student lessons on LGBTQ+ history, terminology, gender identity and other related topics in either assembly form or individual student classes.

  • These lessons are available for middle school and high school classes.

Gay Straight Trans Alliances (GSTA)

School Safe Spaces

  • Help build and support GSTAs to provide student safe spaces and improve school climate.

  • Provide resources, activities and tools that will enhance student learning.

Schools with GSTAs for 3+ years have a 50% reduction in bullying and harassment for ALL students. (British Columbia study, 2015)

Also check out

  • Free virtual after-school games and programs.

  • Weekend and overnight retreats.

  • Educational and leadership opportunities for LGBTQ+ and allied youth.

  • An alternative for those who are not able to attend a staff training.

  • Workshops are scheduled throughout the year in different locations throughout Maine.

  • Enrollment is open to everyone.