As you probably already know, June is Pride month.  This is the month where rainbow flags pop up everywhere, major corporations state their support, and clothing brands release their “Pride Collections”.  It is a month of visibility – and of marketing to queers.  Visibility is important – it is an important part of creating a safer culture – but putting a rainbow flag up for a month does not inherently mean that business is LGBTQ+ friendly.  In fact, there are many companies that have flashy Pride marketing while donating large amounts to anti-LGBTQ+ politicians and causes. 

When searching for your new Pride Parade outfit, where to go out for a Pride dinner, or where to buy your Pride Flags – take the extra step to see if those businesses are LGBTQ+-owned, or donate to LGBTQ+ organizations.  

Below are some more articles about corporations who donate money to anti-LGBTQ+ causes while “celebrating” Pride Month. 

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