Let’s start the new year off with some radical self-love and not have resolutions based off of all the ways you need to change. Let’s try something different this year and focus on how you can be an even better YOU and make it the gayest year ever!

Below are some ways we can work towards self-love and positivity for 2024!

1: Spend energy and time with people who care for you and value you for who you really are.

Leave those who have treated you as anything less in 2023.

2: Unlearn diet culture and stick to the foods that make you feel good.

Try a new veggie, a new style of cuisine but do it for you and not because everyone else says you have to.

3: Measure your worth not by what others say, but by how you feel about yourself.

Are you setting realistic goals that feel right to you and meeting them? Are you doing your best every day? Are you showing up as a good friend? Are you drinking enough water? Choose what matters and don’t waste your energy on what others think.

4: Engage in the relationships you want to have, romantic or otherwise.

Don’t let other people’s expectations get in the way of living every day the way your heart really wants you to. If you do have a romantic partner(s) or other primary people in your life, love them fiercely, show them gratitude and work together to have a supportive and honest relationship.

5: Let go of perfectionism.

Whether it’s the perfect wedding, perfect relationship or perfect career, we are all imperfect a lot of the time. You can create a life that’s beautiful and flawed, as we all are. Give yourself room to make mistakes.

Wishing you all the happiness in 2024! Happy New Year!