Maine Law for Name Change:

Name change only goes through Probate Court (Adults or Minors)

Once the petition has been filled out, the individual should gather the required documents (listed below). Requirements are:

  • Be at least eighteen (18) years of age
  • Be a resident of Maine
  • Not be making the request for fraudulent purpose
  • If under 18, consent from BOTH parents is required

You will need:

Additional Information:

 Take it to the probate court in person for hearing. (if required)



*NAME CHANGE & GENDER MARKER CHANGE ( gender marker change requires a doctors signature)

If working with a Dr. Name and Gender can be changed at the same time. Using the following Documents. (Adult or Minors) – Cheapest option* (Gender Marker on Birth Record Rule)

Fill out application:

Application to Change the Name and/or Sex on a Record of Live Birth to Support Gender Identity

For your Dr. to fill out:

Take it to the State of Maine office of Vital Records or mailed with a $15.00 filing fee. (220 Capitol St, Augusta)


*Making both of these changes together is more affordable at $15 rather than $75 for ONLY a name change*