Mother’s Day is one day where we get to uplift and thank moms for all that they do every day that too often goes unrecognized. Many LGBTQ+ youth find maternal role models outside of their biological family. We want to give a special hearty shout out to all the individuals who have stepped into a maternal role for LGBTQ+ youth this year.Thank you for the love and guidance you have provided, it is lifesaving.

For educators or other professionals, it can be challenging to know how to be the most respectful and inclusive when celebrating Mother’s Day in a classroom or youth-focused setting.  Allow youth to opt out of the activity and provide other fun and crafty activities for any youth who might want an alternative. Keep an ear open for any negative comments about families with two moms or two dads. If you notice a child is struggling, reach out to them and give them a chance to explore their reactions to the holiday. Do they have chosen family or consistent supportive adults that they can celebrate? 

Thank you to all the mothers and to all the people who have mothered LGBTQ+ youth this year!