Let them explore at home as a safe place. Let them buy new things they wouldn’t normally wear/styles etc. Shopping can be scary but online shopping and thrift shopping. Let your child try different scents and products (skincare, deodorant etc). Offer trying different pronouns and rolling with it. Let them know that they can try a name or pronoun and it is ok if they want to change it again and that they don’t have to stick to something. Being comfortable with your child exploring their options is very important. Keep treating your kid normally and with love and respect. Support from parents is huge and needed. They can try a bunch of things. Watch some TV shows together with queer characters or read books on your own time. 

Your language matters a lot so reach out to someone who is not your child when you have questions about the community as to avoid harmful language due to a lack of knowledge. OUT Maine is always here to help. Please feel free to sign up for our online parent groups.