We had no idea how to pick from the countless LGBTQ+ musicians and artists!  Here are some of the most popular ones from different generations. 

Frida Khalo

Mexican, Bisexual, Painter. 

Gladys Bently

Harlem Rennaissance, Blues Singer, Performer, Gender-Bending, Lesbian.

Demi Lovato

Modern, Pop Singer, Non-Binary, 

Sam Smith

Modern, Pop Singer, Non-Binary.

Tracy Chapman

Singer-Songwriter, in a long term relationship with Alice Walker.  

Andy Warhol

Visual Artist, Gay, Iconic.  

Freddy Mercury

Lead singer of Queen, openly bisexual and later “as gay as a daffodil.”

Elton John

6 decades of openly gay rock music. 

Beauford Delaney

Harlem Renaissance, painter, gay.