Mermaid Sculpture

Handmade Knit Rainbow Blanket

Artisan Soap Gift Box ($28 value)

TransTape Gift Box ($175 value)

Gift Certificates

Belfast Community Co-op ($25, $50, and $75 value)

Clementine ($50 value)

Eastern Tire ($100 and $100 value)

Flowers by Hoboken ($25 value)

FourTwelve ($100 value)

Good Tern Co-op ($25 and $25 value)

Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shops ($25 value)


Center for Maine Contemporary Art Household Membership and Merchandise ($160 value)

Farnsworth Art Museum Household Membership ($100 value)

Penobscot Bay YMCA Family Membership ($948 value)

Strand Theatre Membership and 4 movie tickets ($136 value)


picaTHINK 90-minute consulting session ($300 value)

Treat Yourself!

The Spiral Goddess Collective 5-punch pass for yoga, JourneyDance, and weekly classes. Plus a T-shirt, and stickers!

Camden Maine Massage Therapy Custom Massage 60 min ($98 value)

Vital Healing 1-hour Intuitive Healing/Craniosacral Reading ($145 value)