Thank you so much for asking such an important question!

When formulating this answer with the youth we work with, these were some of the initial responses: 

-Exposure therapy. Use this method to help yourself get used to being around folks that might make you feel uncomfortable. Little by little you may notice some of your fears and discomfort slip away as you realize that LGBTQ+ folks are people too. Do the work to work through your own feelings and thoughts about homophobia. This is a mission you will have to embark on if you are experiencing internalized homophobia.

-The act of naming it out loud is important- becoming aware of actions that are rooted in internal homophobia. Try to recognize why or when you started thinking those thoughts in an effort to separate the homophobia from yourself. Ask yourself “why” and try your best to get to the root cause of your assumptions.

-Actively seek out people who have overcome or are working on the same thing. It is easy to get caught up in these spaces but other people also experience it. Those in and out of the community.

-Reminding yourself that your identity or anyone else’s  is not a bad thing

-Read up! 

Look up some books or blogs by Queer Authors. This might help you understand perspective a little bit better.

-Be comfortable asking uncomfortable questions. Find a safe person to ask things to. Be open to different opinions. Be willing to ask if you are wrong and accept that their response is correct.