Foster Care

The following services are available to Maine organizations. Request any of these services by filling out our request form. You may also contact us by phone or email: , 800-530-6997.

LGBTQ+ Friendly Spaces

Creating welcoming and affirming spaces is not all that difficult and the positive impact it will have on LGBTQ+ identified youth is significant.

Policies and Procedures

Welcoming and affirming spaces are not just for LGBTQ+ youth. You also want to have an LGBTQ+ friendly workspace.

Guides from OUT Maine

Making your workplace more LGBTQ+ friendly can help you create a more LGBTQ+ friendly organization and outlines general best practices for policies and procedures.

Best practices for LGBTQ+ inclusive youth programming, developed for youth organizations, outlines best practices that can be applied to any organization.

Guides from Maine Family Planning

The below guides are courtesy of

The Maine Youth in Care Bill of Rights states that young people in foster, adoptive, and kinship care have the right to learn about their sexuality in a safe and supportive environment. The Working with Youth in Care Toolkit and Working with Youth in out-of-home placement or experiencing homelessness are designed to help make that right a reality.

Working with youth in care

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Working with youth in out-of-home placement or experiencing homelessness

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Do you have questions about supporting LGBTQ+ youth in foster care or a specific situation that you would like to discuss? Contact us at 800-530-6997 or email

Professional Development

  • Request training to give your staff the education and tools to create welcoming and affirming programs for all youth.

  • Request training to improve your policies and learn how to implement best practices for supporting LGBTQ+ youth in your organization.

  • Attend a regional training to gain knowledge about supporting LGBTQ+ youth (see below)

Also check out

  • Free virtual after-school games and programs.

  • Weekend and overnight retreats.

  • Educational and leadership opportunities for LGBTQ+ and allied youth.

  • An alternative for those who are not able to attend a staff training.

  • Workshops are scheduled throughout the year in different locations throughout Maine.

  • Enrollment is open to everyone.